The Drilling Difference in Auckland

At SWAT Limited we believe that the thrust of our services is to make a difference. Drilling is the starting point of construction, renovation, and the installation of utilities. Our drilling services have made a difference to the wider Auckland Area. 

Don’t just take our word for it though. Drill down into our testimonials and see what members of your community and major service providers have had to say.
'Faced with the prospect of digging a trench through my front lawn and cutting across my concrete driveway in order to link up new sewer pipes, I looked for an affordable alternative. Fortunately I came across the SWAT team, who drilled underground, carried out  the work quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption .- and I kept my lawn and driveway intact !!!!'
Sue French
I would like to thank you immensely for the most effective and stress free service you provided. What was going to be a long and a messy task you turned into a smooth, fast and well done experience for us. I was impressed with your level of knowledge base and expertise in this area and how you made it all so simple for us. Instead of digging trenches and breaking concrete we have brand new pipes right where they should be and no one would know someone laid them underneath our long driveway. We were very well pleased with your price too, as the digging trenches would have cost us more. I will be recommending you to my other investor friends and I'm planning on using your services next month at my other place too. It was a 5***** experience for us. Thank you Sandy!
Vic Kulakov
'Sending a huge "Thank You" to the SWAT Team for assisting us in our subdivision work. As part of the subdivision I suddenly discovered we were responsible for our own trenching - not the utility companies! Time was critical, so I rang Sandy and he quickly came for a site visit. One of the areas requiring installation of services was through an easement over neighbouring land. The neighbour had particular concerns toward damage or disturbance to trees and grasses planted in this area. This is where the thrusting system was invaluable. 
Sandy, and the SWAT team attended the job promptly leaving literally no trace of impact except on entry and exit of the service areas. The plantings were safe and the job was left clean. They also thrust cabling conduits in other areas of our driveway leaving minimal disturbance to those areas too. Although Sandy had recently been injured he went out of his way to meet me on site and discuss the job quickly. He later followed up liaising with utility company contacts over locations etc.. which took the stress out of this job for me. Very happy customer.'
Sandee Sinclair
Thank you Sandy and team for a reasonably priced job carried out professionally and efficiently with minimal disruption. My driveway is intact because of the brilliant underground drilling carried out and the small area of trench work which was done was neatly executed. I would definitely recommend SWAT Limited.
Geetha Nair

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