Trenching and Drilling

Trenching Services for Auckland

Our drilling and trenching services can help you at home or on your major worksite. Trenching involves digging a trench for irrigation, electrical services and more.

Professional Trenching Solutions

When we perform our trenching services our highly trained staff employ only the best methods and use only the finest machinery. Our industry leading technology and expertly trained staff can create trenches for all purposes.

We can provide trenches for any services you require buried underground including; irrigation, sprinkler systems, plumbing, electrical services and more. We can dig trenches for large sites and major developers as well as the family home.
Big drill operating on dirt mound

Diverse Drilling Options

Like our open trenching services all of our drilling is undertaken by trained professionals using industry leading equipment. Our drilling can be done for sewers and power lines and we can work with gas lines, water pipes and drainage systems. Our drilling has been used by major companies as well as individual clients and we always provide safe and professional finishes.

For Upgrades or New Builds

Our trenching and drilling services can assist you if you’re building from scratch or performing renovations and upgrades. We are experts at working on new constructions and have worked on many large scale new builds. We can also help you if you’re extending your property or your business and need trenching or drilling services. Get in contact today to learn more about our drilling and trenching options.

Need professional trenching services for your build? Call 021 217 1692

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